Aaron's Rent to Own

An All-Inclusive Guide to Aaron’s Rents, including product offering, key information and FAQs.

Aaron's Rent to Own

When it comes to choosing the best rent-to-own store, you can rest assured that Aaron's Rental is the perfect place for you to get the latest sought-after products! With a multitude of items to choose from, flexible payment plans, easy approval, and an array of other benefits, it is easy to see why Aaron’s is one of the leading names in the rent-to-own market.

Off course, choosing a store for renting or buying merchandise, especially big-ticket purchases, can pose a challenge. So it is worth careful consideration. In this guide which you will learn about the most popular products trending at Aaron’s Rental. You will also learn how to prevent costly mistakes, save a considerable amount of money, discover how Aaron’s Rental compares to similar rent-to-own stores, and much more!

Why Customers Choose Aarons

With multiple locations spread across the country, Aaron's Rental is one of the most renowned rent-to-own electronics, appliances, and furniture stores in the nation. This physical and online rent-to-own store gives customers the benefit of exclusive payment plans, making it one of the most sought-after lease-to-own stores to shop from for many of the things you want and need.

Aarons’ Rental serves its customers by way of lease ownership of a massive range of big-ticket purchases like home appliances, consumer electronics, and furniture.

Some things that make Aaron's Rental the industry leader are:

  • Ability to serve consumers in a moderate-income category and provide one-of-a-kind affordable payment plans
  • Superior customer service
  • Top-quality merchandise

With more than a million customers, Aaron’s Rental is found both online and at physical retail Aaron Rental stores. They boast more than 1,300 company-operated and franchised stores in 47 states in the U.S. and 53 independently-owned and operated franchise stores in Canada.

What Products Does Aaron’s Rental Offer?

Since Aaron's Rental has stores in so many locations, they can emphasize the sale and lease ownership of big-ticket purchases of name-brand furniture items, electronics, and appliances - and free delivery. No matter where you are located, you can likely head over to your nearest local Aaron's Rental store and shop from an expansive range of products, including name-brands like:

  • Ashley's Furniture
  • Global Furniture
  • Acme Furniture
  • Samsung electronics
  • Beautyrest
  • GE appliances
  • Abbyson Living
  • Elements International
  • Woodhaven
  • Boyd Sleep

Many products can be ordered online, but customers often find their favorite products in local inventory. Products vary by location, but they are frequently updated. So check out your nearest Aaron’s Rental to see what is available.
The types of products available at Aaron's Rental include:

  • Furniture: Sectionals and sofas, living room sets, loveseat sets, game room furniture, bar furniture, deck and patio furniture, home office, dining room sets, bedroom sets, chairs, recliners, and TV stands and accessories.
  • Appliances: Washer and dryer sets, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, kitchen appliances, home appliances, air conditioners, etc.
  • Electronics: Desktops and monitors, gaming, tablets and laptops, home theater and audio, TVs, TV bundles, video, smartwatches, and more.
  • Seasonal items: Outdoor and lawn items, fireplaces, etc.

How Does Aaron's Rental Work?

On the surface, Aaron's Rental works by offering payment plans over 12, 18, or 24 month periods. Once you finish your payment cycle, you gain ownership of your merchandise.
There are two ways you can pursue a purchase. Aaron's Rental enables its users to shop online or in-store. Each follows a different process. Here is how each method works:

1) Shop Online

  • Step 1: Shop

At Aaron’s Rentals, you will find many brand-name products that will work for every corner of your house.

  • Step 2: Apply

Complete their quick application and you will know instantly if you are approved.

  • Step 3: Schedule delivery

Once you have been approved and signed the lease agreement, someone from their team will call to schedule your free-of-cost delivery and setup.

2) Shop In-Store

  • Step 1: Discover your Leasing Power

After completing a short application, you can discover how much leasing power is available. You can shop confidently, knowing you are already approved.

  • Step 2: Shop In-Store

Visit your nearest Aaron's Rental store and shop to your heart’s content from a vast selection of brand-name products.

  • Step 3: Schedule delivery

Once you have been approved and signed your lease agreement, an Aaron’s representative will call you to schedule your free delivery and set up.

Aaron's will handle all the hassle, so you do not have to move a muscle. (Some restrictions apply.*) Learn more about free delivery*.

Does Aaron's Rental Pull Your Credit?

Whenever a marketplace tries to decide whether or not to approve customers for a rent-to-own contract, it only seems natural to assume that they will look for your credit score. However, this is not the case with Aaron's Rental.

In fact, Aaron's Rental does not pull your credit.

Aaron's "No credit required" policy indicates that customers are not required to have an established credit history in order to be approved for a lease. You can, however, expect your credit sources to be checked. And they will examine numerous other historical data points before coming to a final decision.

The good news is that customers who otherwise find it hard to get approved at other stores regularly get approved at Aaron's - including those with minimal credit history or a less-than-perfect credit history. Even though Aaron's doesn't require a credit history, it follows a different online approval process. It obtains data from consumer reporting agencies associated with your lease application.

As part of its digital approval process, Aaron's will check your creditworthiness and credit history. They depend on data acquired from third parties and customer reports while considering your application. The minimum in-store lease requirements consist of at least three references, residence, and verified income sources. Additional information is required while leasing online or getting approval via apply.aarons.com.

Does Aaron's Rental Report to Credit Bureaus?

Another consideration when seeking out a rent-to-own purchase is whether the marketplace reports to credit bureaus. In the case of Aaron’s Rent, as indicated above, they do not report to the 3 credit bureaus. Financing and leasing are two different functions.

Aaron’s Rental Review and Reputation

Aaron's Rental is one of the most reputable and well-established companies among rent-to-own companies. It has multiple store locations and a robust online presence that gives customers a sense of confidence that they are a company to be trusted.

Whether you are renting furniture, a home appliance, television, gaming console, or other electronic gadget, it helps to have a company that is easily accessible through a physical and online store. Whether you are shopping for the perfect dishwasher, refrigerator, television, or sofa for your home, the process can become overwhelming otherwise.

But leasing your favorite items at Aaron's is convenient. Moreover, you can benefit from a lot more than just its affordable and one-of-a-kind payment solutions.


Here are some of the pros of Aaron's Rental, which make it one of the favorites among rent-to-own stores:

  • Limited credit needed – Renting to own items with Aaron's Rental makes getting the items you want and need a little easier with their lower threshold for creditworthiness.
  • Instant online approvals – When you lease a product online, Aaron's will instantly inform you if you're approved for your merchandise. Approval indicates no more waiting game.
  • Get approved before you head to the store – Once you apply online and your in-store leasing power has been determined, you are all set to shop at a participating store with a specific lease amount per month for which you are already approved. By learning your leasing power before making the trip, you can save a lot of hassle and shop with confidence and with ease. (The amount for the authorized leasing power is only valid at designated Aaron's Rental stores and cannot be used on Aarons.com).
  • Free delivery and set up – Choose a time and date that works for you, and Aaron's will deliver the products straight to your doorstep. In addition, they will also provide free set up, even if they have to take a few stairs.
  • Service and repair included – If you ever feel like a product is not working as it should and requires repair, do not worry. Aaron's covers defective merchandise while leasing.
  • Curbside service – If you don’t want to visit the store personally, you can take advantage of Aaron's curbside service. All you need to do is call them when you arrive, and they will meet you curbside to help you shop for your favorite items, make the payments, or pick up an order.
  • Flexible Payment Term – Aaron’s is one of the few companies that allows you to choose the payment term. You can choose between 12, 18 and 24 months.
  • Lease it until you own it – After the lease renewal payments have been paid in full, you can keep your product with you forever. You can also pay out the total amount early, which can help save money on the total cost of ownership.
  • Lifetime Reinstatement – Finally, Aaron's leasing consists of Lifetime Reinstatement, which indicates if you ever decide to return your products before completing all your payments, you can resume with merchandise of the same condition whenever you feel you are ready. (Seasonal items, lawn equipment, and special order merchandise are not included in Aaron's Lifetime Reinstatement benefit).


  • Aaron’s Rents does not report on your credit if you are looking to build a payment history.
  • You will pay more than if you purchased outright from major retailers.
  • Aaron’s Rents does not currently offer a loyalty program.
  • No early payoff discount.

Aaron’s Rental Company Reputation

Aaron's Rental is the industry leader in the rent-to-own sector and boasts an incredibly expansive customer following and a strong reputation. However, there are mixed customer ratings and reviews as having been determined by different platforms. Take a look at Aaron's Rental ratings on different sites:

How to Find Products like Sony PlayStation 5 Consoles on Aaron's Rental that are Out of Stock?

You will often find that some of the best-selling products at Aaron's Rental are out of stock in your locality. Still, even when that is the case, you can search through their website at Aarons.com to find hard-to-get products, such as Sony PS5 consoles.

A particular trick can help you check if any of the Aaron's Rental locations in your state have those products that are out of stock in your local store. By entering your zip code, you can easily find out if that product is available in your local store.

Step 1: Click on “Shipping in Zip Code.”

Go to the top right corner of the website and click on “Shipping in Zip Code.”

Step 2: Change Zip Code

Now, enter the zip code of the state you are in and click on “Update.”

Step 3: Find a Store

Once you enter a zip code, you will be able to see a list of all Aaron’s Rental stores for that particular state and check the availability of your desired product that is out of stock.

How Aaron's Rental Compares to Other Companies

Aaron's Rental vs. Rent-A-Center

Rent-A-Center is probably the most significant competitor of Aaron's. Rent-A-Center and Aaron's Rental actually comprise half of the rent-to-own market.

For instance, both rent-to-own stores lease similar items, such as televisions, furniture, computers, home appliances, and other accessories, under diverse rental agreements to customers.

Both operate thousands of stores in the North American region, with the majority of stores located here in the U.S. In addition, Rent-A-Center and Aaron's can be compared in terms of flexible payment plans and contract terms.

Even though they have similar prices, Rent-A-Center and Aaron's are worth checking when price shopping. However, it might be challenging to price shop the same products as they might be bundled or have slightly different manufacturer numbers and/or specifications.

Aaron's has a 2-year warranty on all items, whereas Rent-A-Center provides a warranty for the rental agreement's duration and allows customers to pay off their items early if they wish, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Aarons vs. FlexShopper

Compared to Aaron's Rental, FlexShopper has a smaller lease-to-own footprint, as it is a company that only operates online via its website. Like Aaron's, it, too, offers a vast range of products from major brands. While FlexShopper has a strict one-year lease term and the opportunity for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payments, Aaron’s Rental offers more flexible terms in 12-, 18-, and 24-month terms, so your payment can be spread over a longer timeframe.
FlexShopper does not have any physical stores. However, customers can still benefit from an installment finance option that they can apply for online. And FlexShopper is not for everyone. That is because anyone living in Wyoming, New Jersey, Wisconsin, or Minnesota are unable to purchase products from FlexShopper. FlexShopper does not approve as easily as Aaron's - and they have a less-forgiving policy against late payments.
Both stores are unique in their own way. FlexShopper offers a personal shopper option that customers can use to get their preferred items, even if it does not offer that product themselves or have it in stock. On the other hand, Aaron's offers enticing incentives to its customers, such as low-price guarantees and membership rewards.

Aaron's vs. Leaseville

Leaseville is another online-based rent-to-own company enabling people with problematic credit to purchase brand-new name-brand products. Established in 2009 with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, Leaseville partners with a number of retailers to offer products to shoppers in a similar manner to Aaron's Rental.
Leaseville allows customers to browse and shop for items and apply for an account online through the Leaseville website. Once they gain approval, customers can pick up their merchandise from a local retail store. While Aaron's has an extensive product range to offer, Leaseville mainly focuses on a smaller selection of electronic goods and doesn't boast nearly as significant a collection of furniture items.
On the other hand, you can easily find electronics such as the MacBook from Apple along with other popular brands and pay for them over time until you own them.
Other items available through Leaseville include musical instruments, tools, appliances, and fitness equipment. Leaseville offers an even more flexible payment plan than Aaron's Rental, with payment terms ranging from 24 to 36 months.

Aaron's vs. Fingerhut

Fingerhut is the place to shop for people with a poor credit history. Even though it doesn't operate on a rent-to-own model, it offers a credit card with terms and limits determined by WebBank. Both Aaron's Rental and Fingerhut serve customers who usually have less than stellar credit. However, the former is a significantly larger and more established company. Despite only providing finance for online merchandise, Fingerhut caters to the same consumer market as Aaron's.
Fingerhut focuses more on offering consumer-based items such as home goods, pet supplies, clothing, electronics, tools, sporting equipment, gifts and toys, baby gear, and the like. They do not compare head-to-head with Aaron's at the local level when it comes to heavier and bulkier items such as appliances and furniture.
Aaron's Rental has a significant advantage over Fingerhut in terms of product range, delivery services, and local customer service.

Aaron's vs. Buy on Trust

Buy on Trust is another well known rent-to-own firm that focuses chiefly on products sold at Best Buy focusing on electronics. It allows customers to shop from their store and apply for rent to own the selected item. Upon approval, customers can head over to their nearest Best Buy retail outlet and show a government-issued I.D. After an identification verification, the product purchase will be accepted and the lease will be initiated. Customers will usually be required to make an initial down payment on the site, as it is part of the Buy on Trust approval process. In addition, Buy on Trust uses 3rd parties to accept the approval applications and commence the lease contracts.

What Happens If I Stop Paying Aaron's

First, the penalties for missing or stopped payments vary from state to state. While a few states impose strict laws in favor of rent-to-own companies, others favor the customers.

Regardless, the first action you can expect is that a late fee will be automatically assessed on your Aaron's account should you miss a payment.

In the event a customer misses payments and avoids communication with the company, defaulting on their contract in the process, serious consequences, both criminal and civil, can occur.

Fortunately, Aaron's has a relatively flexible cancellation policy that enables customers to cancel their lease at any point in time before completing their scheduled payments, in accordance with their communication with the company.

So, someone from Aaron's Rental will initially try to get in touch with you immediately if you miss a payment. However, if they are unable to get in touch with you directly, they will try reaching out to your references, which you will have submitted for the approval process.

Whether or not you'll have a second or third chance to pay for the merchandise depends on the manager at the store from which you rented the item(s). Aaron's Rental begins a repossession process after the scheduled payment is missed.

However, the repossessed item can take up to 2 weeks to be collected. If a customer faces difficulties making payments, Aaron's will work with them, but only if they call the store before missing their payment.

If you cease making payments, and Aaron's fails to be able to make contact with you even after calling you your references, it can sell your debt, most likely to a debt collection agency. Your best bet is to inform Aaron at your earliest opportunity if you are having trouble making payments.

How to Get Out of an Aaron's Rental Contract

Fortunately, rent-to-own retailer Aaron's Rental has an easy and flexible cancellation policy that allows you to cancel a lease for a product at any time before completing your scheduled payments.

Moreover, you can even resume a lease for the same item in the future. Contact the local Aaron's Rental store that is linked to your account to get out of the lease agreement.

Whenever you decide to get out of Aaron's Rental contract and cancel your lease, you will need to return the merchandise item(s). You will not need to pay a fee or fulfill any additional payments. The money you already paid for your lease will be logged and kept on record. If you choose to resume the lease, you can restart it at any time, as long as it is for the same item. This policy, known as "Lifetime Reinstatement” has no restrictions or expiration date.

Aaron's Shopping Guides

The best part about Aaron's Rental is that it offers shopping guides for its customers to make their rent-to-own shopping experience a whole lot easier and help them find the right product for their home with the right lease ownership and payment plans for them.

The History of Aaron’s Rental

Aaron’s Rental was founded in 1955 by R. Charles Loudermilk Sr. in a small store in Buckhead, Georgia. Originally offering chairs for rent, the business grew over the coming decades to include other furniture and supplies. Loudermilk expanded with a second and third store in the 1960s. Of note was the rental of four tents to a famous group of civil rights marchers as they made their legendary trek from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. By the end of the decade, what started in one small store led to sales of two million dollars and an inventory of three million.

By the mid-1970s, Aaron’s expanded its operations significantly to include 20 showrooms producing nearly $10 million in annual sales. Such sales figures made it one of the most significant private companies in the expanding U.S. furniture rental business.

Today, the company has more than 1,300 stores.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

Q1. What happens if you don't pay Aaron’s Rental and you don't return the merchandise?
A1. In many U.S. states, non-payment can be treated as a criminal matter. It depends on the state and aggressiveness of the local prosecutor. In other states it is a civil matter. Either way, you are always best to make your payments when due or communicate with your local Aaron’s and find a way to quickly return the merchandise if you cannot pay. This is the best way to avoid facing legal consequences. Simply inform Aaron’s Rental if you are facing difficulties making payment and allow them to recover their merchandise.
Q2. What are Aaron's Rental days of operation?
A2. Aaron’s Rental stores are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am until 8:00 pm (5:00-6:00 pm on Saturdays, depending on the location). Aaron’s is closed on Sundays.
Q3. Does Aaron's Rental rent mattresses?
A3. Yes, Aaron's Rental does rent mattresses for you and your family. For the ultimate in sleep comfort and quality look for Beautyest mattresses. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option with excellent quality and value, consider mattresses from Woodhaven. From firm to plush to hybrids, you can find the perfect queen, king, full, twin, or twin XL-size mattresses at Aaron's Rental without breaking the bank.
Q4. Can I cancel Aaron's Rental anytime?
A4. Yes. Aaron's Rental allows you to cancel your rent-to-own contract or lease at any point by simply contacting the local store that is linked to your account.
Q5. Who has a better warranty, Rent-A-Center or Aaron's Rental?
A5. Rent-A-Center and Aaron's Rental are often compared to one another because they both offer competitive pricing, flexible payment plans, and similar contract terms.

One area where Aaron’s Rental differs from their competition is their warranty. While Rent-A-Center provides a warranty for the duration of a rental agreement, Aaron's warranty is applicable on all items for a period of two years.
Q6. How many Aaron’s Rentals are there in the U.S.?
A6. With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron's Rental is a leader in the rent-to-own market of name-brand home appliances, furniture, and consumer electronics. They boast more than 1,300 company-owned, operated, and franchised stores in 47 states in the United States of America and Canada.
A7. The approval application for Aaron's Rental may require you to submit your name, government-issued photo I.D., contact details, income details, Social Security number (SSN), and a minimum of two personal references. They do not stipulate whether or not those references can be members of your family, only that they are able to vouch for you.
Q8. Does an Aaron's Rental contract start over if an item is replaced?
A8. In most states, leased merchandise might be replaced after being damaged by lightning, smoke, fire, flooding, hail, or windstorms. If your item is eligible for replacement, you can continue your lease with the replacement item as intended.

What is Aaron’s Rent to Own?

Aaron's Rent to Own is a rent-to-own company that offers customers the ability to rent furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers. Customers can choose from a variety of payment plans, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly payments. Customers can also choose to purchase the items they are renting at any time. Aaron's Rent to Own also offers a variety of services, such as free delivery and setup, free repair and maintenance, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Aaron's Rent to Own is a leading rent-to-own retailer that provides customers with an alternative to traditional retail shopping. Founded in 1955, Aaron's has grown to over 2,000 stores in 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Aaron's offers a wide selection of furniture, electronics, appliances, and computers, as well as a variety of payment options. Customers can choose to pay weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, and can also take advantage of Aaron's Rental flexible lease-to-own program. With Aaron's Rent to own, customers can get the items they need without having to pay the full price up front. Aaron's Rental also offers a variety of services, such as free delivery and setup, free repair and maintenance, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Key Information About the Company