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Conn’s HomePlus – Home Goods Retail Company Overview

Conn's HomePlus differentiates itself through its commitment to customer service, offering flexible financing options and an enjoyable shopping experience. The company also provides next-day delivery for in-stock items, ensuring that customers can quickly obtain their desired products. Additionally, Conn's HomePlus carries a wide range of popular brands at competitive prices.

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Welcome to the “All About Conn’s HomePlus” Guide! In this comprehensive resource, we’ll dive deep into the world of Conn’s HomePlus, exploring the ins and outs of this well-known retail chain. Whether you’re a savvy shopper or just curious about the company, our guide has something for everyone. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together and learn all there is to know about Conn’s HomePlus.

In the following section, we’ll kick off our exploration with a “Company Overview”, providing a thorough look at the history, growth, and key players that have shaped the success of Conn’s HomePlus. Get ready to be enlightened as we unravel the story behind this retail powerhouse.

Company Overview

Based in The Woodlands, Texas, Conn’s HomePlus has established itself as a leading retailer in the home goods industry. With over 160 stores spread across 15 states in the southern U.S., the company prides itself on offering an extensive selection of products including appliances, furniture, and electronics.

Originating as a small plumbing and heating business in Beaumont, Texas, over 130 years ago, Conn’s HomePlus has experienced tremendous growth. The company now employs more than 4,100 people and continues to focus on its mission of helping customers create homes they truly love.

Company Overview

Conn’s HomePlus differentiates itself through its commitment to customer service, offering flexible financing options and an enjoyable shopping experience. The company also provides next-day delivery for in-stock items, ensuring that customers can quickly obtain their desired products. Additionally, Conn’s HomePlus carries a wide range of popular brands at competitive prices.

The company’s dedication to its customers extends to its white glove delivery services and in-house repair service teams. Knowledgeable in-store associates are available to assist customers with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.

Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card

Conn’s HomePlus has its own credit card powered and governed by Synchrony, giving customers a chance to buy their favorite products now and pay over time. In addition, the Conns’ HomePlus Credit Card enables you to build on your credit whenever you make timely payments every month.

Conn’s HomePlus Financing

Conn’s HomePlus Financing

Instead of paying a hefty payment at once, Conn’s HomePlus offers the option to divide the cost of your purchased item’s cost over a longer period of time by offering a retail installment contract. This let’s customers finance their purchases and make manageable payments over a predetermined period, making it easier to budget for larger items.

Conn’s HomePlus Lease

Conn’s HomePlus Lease

Conn’s HomePlus collaborates with American First Finance to provide lease-to-own programs for customers. This convenient purchasing option allows customers to lease and eventually own a wide variety of products without requiring a credit check. The categories of products available for lease-to-own include electronics, furniture, and appliances, giving customers the opportunity to acquire essential household items through a flexible payment plan.

Company History

Company History

Conn’s HomePlus has come a long way since its inception over 130 years ago as a modest heating and plumbing company in Beaumont, Texas. Now a thriving specialty retailer, the company generates more than $1.5 billion in annual revenue and employs over 4,000 people throughout the southern US. With a strong belief that everyone deserves a home worth loving and living in, Conn’s HomePlus is committed to transforming ordinary homes into lovable spaces.

As a publicly traded company (NASDAQ: CONN) with its headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas, Conn’s HomePlus operates over 160 retail stores across 15 states, such as Arizona, Alabama, Florida, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Virginia, and Texas.

Let’s take a brief look at the company’s history through a timeline:

  • 1890: Edward Eastham founded the Eastham Heating and Plumbing company in Beaumont, TX.
  • 1933: Heating and Plumbing Inc. hired Carroll Wayne Conn, who later bought the company and changed its name to Conn Heating and Plumbing Company.
  • 1937: Carroll Wayne Conn began selling refrigerators and eventually added gas ranges to the product lineup.
  • 1940: Conn Heating and Plumbing Company moved to a new location at 268 Pearl Street in Beaumont, with a second store opening 19 years later on Eleventh Street in Beaumont.
  • 1962: After serving in the Korean War, Carroll Wayne Conn founded Conn’s maintenance and repair service operations, Appliance Service and Parts, to provide customers with top-quality, reliable service.
  • 1964: C.W. Conn, Jr. co-founded Conn Credit Corporation, a consumer credit company, to offer financing options to Conn’s customers for purchasing essential household items.
  • 1966: Mr. Conn, Jr. became the company’s president and chief operating officer, serving in these roles for the next decade. By this time, the company had four stores and a total sales volume of $4 million. In 1969, Conn’s opened its first store outside of Texas in Lake Charles, Louisiana.
  • 1975: Conn’s continued expanding, opening stores in various locations such as Port Arthur, Orange, Baytown, Texas, Lafayette, Louisiana, and later in Opelousas, New Iberia, and a second location in Lafayette.
  • 1983 - 1993: Under Mr. Conn, Jr’s leadership, the company opened its first store in Houston in 1983, followed by several others. In 1993, Conn’s achieved a $100 million sales volume and opened its first location in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 1994 - 2000: Thomas J. Frank, Sr. took over as CEO and Chairman in the mid-1990s, and the company continued to grow, establishing itself as a major player in the retail sales industry. By 1997, Conn’s total sales volume surpassed $200 million, and the company expanded its market further by opening more stores in 1999.
  • 2012: Conn’s HomePlus was introduced as a new store concept, driving store expansion and modernizing existing locations. This larger format showcased a variety of home goods, including mattresses, furniture, and the latest in consumer electronics and home appliances.
  • 2013-2014: During these years, Conn’s HomePlus continued to broaden its presence across the U.S., opening numerous new stores and entering additional markets, expanding in current states and branching out into states like Arizona and Colorado.
  • 2015-2018: In this period, Conn’s HomePlus honed its internal financing options, improved customer service, and optimized store performance, all while adding new locations in states such as Florida and Tennessee.
  • 2019-2021: Conn’s HomePlus adapted to the evolving retail environment by investing in its e-commerce capabilities, offering an enhanced online shopping experience for customers. Even amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company stayed committed to delivering outstanding service and a diverse product selection.
  • 2022 and beyond: With ongoing innovation and changes in the industry, Conn’s HomePlus is well-positioned for impressive growth in the coming years. The company’s dedication to helping people create homes they love is unwavering, and the outlook for Conn’s HomePlus is promising.

In summary, Conn’s HomePlus has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a heating and plumbing company over 130 years ago. The company’s commitment to providing quality products and services has contributed to its success and growth throughout the years. Adapting to the ever-changing retail landscape, Conn’s HomePlus continues to evolve, offering improved customer experiences through e-commerce and expanded financing options. As the company looks towards the future, its dedication to helping customers create homes they cherish remains steadfast. Conn’s HomePlus is well-positioned for continued success and growth, ensuring a bright future for the company and its customers.

Pros & Cons of Conn’s HomePlus

As you ponder the idea of shopping at Conn’s HomePlus, it’s crucial to examine the benefits and drawbacks associated with their retail offerings. A thorough analysis of the pros and cons of Conn’s HomePlus enables potential customers like yourself to make educated choices about the compatibility of the company’s products, services, and payment plans with your individual requirements, wants, and tastes. In the following, we will scrutinize the diverse factors of Conn’s HomePlus that shape the favorable and unfavorable elements of the customer experience, ultimately empowering you to make the most suitable decision for your home enhancement and furnishing shopping.


Here are some pros of Conn’s HomePlus, which make this retail store so popular amongst its customers:

Low Price Guarantee

Conn’s HomePlus’s primary aim is to make you feel confident about your purchase, which is why you are guaranteed to find a great price for all your favorite merchandise items.

The company’s low price guarantee policy assures you that it will match prices according to the specified policy terms on new and identical products that are instantly available and in stock.

Special Promotions

Frequent special promotions can be found at Conn’s HomePlus. Take advantage of enticing bargains and promotional discounts, allowing you to save a considerable amount on your preferred products.

Financing Offers

Conn’s HomePlus provides a diverse range of financing options, allowing you to select the one that best aligns with your individual needs. Opt for the ideal financing plan and apply for it at the store. Discover the latest financing opportunities at Conn’s HomePlus to enhance your shopping experience.

  • 36 Months No Interest on LG Appliances
  • Apply for this financing offer in-store using your Synchrony Home Credit Card or Conn’s HomePlus credit card on all LG Appliances. Using this offer, you’ll need to make equal monthly payments for 36 months
  • 36 Months No Interest on Selective LG TVs
  • Apply for this financing offer in-store using your Synchrony Home credit card or Conn’s HomePLus Home credit card on LG TVs. Using this offer, you’ll need to make equal monthly payments for 36 months.
  • 48 Months No Interest
  • This special financing offer applies to all merchandise purchases that amount to $4999.99+ in-store using your Synchrony Home credit card or Conn’s HomePlus Home credit card, valid till 4/5/23. Using this offer, you’ll need to make equal monthly payments for a total of 48 months.
  • 36 Months No Interest
  • This special financing offer applies to all merchandise purchases that amount to $2999-$4998.99 in-store using your Synchrony Home credit card or Conn’s HomePlus Home credit card, valid till 4/5/23. Using this offer, you’ll need to make equal monthly payments for 48 months.
  • No Interest If Paid-in-Full within 24 Months
  • This special financing offer applies to all merchandise purchases that amount to $999-$2998.99 in-store using your Synchrony Home credit card or Conn’s HomePlus Home credit card, valid till 4/5/23.

    Ensure you’re aware of the essential terms of promotional financing at Conn’s HomePlus. Failure to comply could result in additional costs. Consider the following points:
    1. If the promotional balance isn’t paid off within 24 months, interest will accrue on your Conn’s HomePlus account from the date of purchase.
    2. Remember to make the necessary minimum monthly payments while utilizing this offer.

  • No Interest If Paid-In-Full within 12 Months
  • This special financing offer applies to all merchandise purchases that amount to $998.99 in-store using your Synchrony Home credit card or Conn’s HomePlus Home credit card, valid till 4/5/23.

    If you do not pay the promotional balance in full within 12 months, the interest will be charged to your Conn’s HomePlus account from the purchase date. Using this offer, you’ll need to make the minimum required monthly payments.

Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations Policy

If you find yourself unsatisfied with your purchase from Conn’s HomePlus, the company is committed to providing solutions to address your concerns. For purchases made in-store, simply visit your nearest Conn’s HomePlus retail location, and the staff will assist you with an exchange, replacement, or return.

For online purchases, follow these steps if you’re not completely satisfied:

  1. Contact Conn’s HomePlus customer service to discuss your concerns and initiate the return, exchange, or cancellation process
  2. Follow the instructions provided by the customer service representative, which may include shipping the item(s) back to the company or returning them to your nearest retail location
  3. Once the item(s) have been received and inspected by Conn’s HomePlus, your exchange, replacement, or refund will be processed accordingly.

By offering a comprehensive returns, exchanges, and cancellations policy, Conn’s HomePlus aims to ensure a positive shopping experience for every customer.

Pay your Conn’s Bill Online

Another great advantage of Conn’s HomePlus is the ease and access with which the company allows you to pay your Conn’s bill online. At Conn’s HomePlus, you no longer have to worry about going through the hassle of making payments through snail-mail or by phone. Instead, Conn’s Homeplus allows you to pay you bills online from the ease and comfort of your home or office.

Easy Payment Process

One of the most significant benefits offered by Conn’s HomePlus is that it has updated its payment process to improve customer’s overall shopping experience. Conn’s customers will love the new look and enjoy the easy payment process as they can now pay directly on their secure website.

Delivery, Shipping & Pickup

The best part about Conn’s HomePlus is that if you find something online on its website that you love today, you can simply get your hands on it tomorrow. With Conn’s HomePlus super-quick white glove delivery service, you no longer need to wait days before enjoying your new products.

Unlike other retailers with similar business models that can take weeks to deliver your product, Conn’s HomePlus makes sure your items are delivered to your home the next day. In addition, the company even provides Next Day Deliveries on qualifying mattress, TV, and appliance purchases.


Let’ take a look at the cons of Conn’s HomePlus:

Rigorous Payment Requirements

Conn’s HomePlus enforces a stringent payment process, necessitating prompt and timely payments from customers.

Late Payment Charges

In the event that a payment is missed or delayed, Conn’s HomePlus may impose a late payment fee of approximately $15.

Customer Service Concerns

The company has faced criticism for its customer service quality. Negative reviews often mention unhelpful representatives who, at times, have been reported to mock customers instead of providing assistance.

Higher Costs Compared to Traditional Retailers

One significant downside of lease-to-own stores like Conn’s HomePlus is the overall cost. Customers typically pay more than they would if they purchased the product outright from major retail outlets.

By considering both the pros and cons of Conn’s HomePlus, you can make an informed decision about whether this shopping experience is suitable for your needs.

Conn’s Reviews

Listed below are the Ratings and Customer Feedback for Conn’s HomePlus as gathered and rated by different 3rd-party independent review companies:

Conn’s HomePlus vs FlexShopper

Conn’s HomePlus vs FlexShopper

While contrasting Conn’s HomePlus with FlexShopper, it’s noteworthy that Conn’s HomePlus operates as both a brick-and-mortar retailer and an online store, while FlexShopper functions solely as an online platform for procuring items like electronics, appliances, and outdoor gear via lease-to-own purchasing agreements.

Nevertheless, when juxtaposing the two, it becomes apparent that Conn’s HomePlus boasts a visually appealing website interface, intuitive navigation, and an extensive assortment of products.

Conn’s HomePlus vs. Aaron’s Rents

Conn’s HomePlus vs. Aaron’s Rents

Conn’s HomePlus and Aaron’s Rents are two companies that operate in the retail industry, specifically specializing in lease-to-own programs for home furnishings and appliances.

Conn’s HomePlus offers a wide range of products, such as furniture, electronics, mattresses, and home appliances. They also provide financing options for their customers.

On the other hand, Aaron’s Rents primarily focuses on renting furniture, electronics, and appliances. They offer flexible leasing options, allowing their customers to rent products for a specific duration before returning them.

Both companies have retail stores located across the United States, and they compete in the same market. However, Conn’s HomePlus has a more extensive selection of products available for purchase, while Aaron’s Rents concentrates more on renting products. Moreover, Conn’s HomePlus provides financing options for customers who want to purchase products on credit, which is not the case with Aaron’s Rents.

Conn’s HomePlus vs. Rent-A-Center

Conn’s HomePlus vs. Rent-A-Center

In examining Conn’s HomePlus and Rent-A-Center, both companies present lease-to-own options for customers seeking appliances, furniture, and electronics. However, Conn’s HomePlus goes beyond rent-to-own options by providing additional financing alternatives, whereas Rent-A-Center primarily focuses on lease-to-own agreements.

In terms of product offerings, Conn’s HomePlus generally has a broader range and features a user-friendly online shopping experience. On the other hand, Rent-A-Center is recognized for its widespread physical presence with numerous store locations throughout the US.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

You can easily place your order(s) on Conn’s HomePlus by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Visit the Web Page

Visit the official Electro Finance website at Conn’s HomePlus to start your journey of purchasing goods.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

Step 2: Select the Product Category

Out of the numerous product categories on the Conn’s HomePlus website, you can choose your desired option and proceed further with a selection of the sub-category that you are looking for.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

Step 3: Product Selection

You will find various options for the product you are looking for. Check the pricing and features that best match your needs and choose your intended purchase product.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

Step 4: Product Details and Add to Cart

Thoroughly review the details of your selected product and decide if you want to proceed with the purchase. If you opt for the product, click on add to cart for the item you have decided to buy.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus
Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

Step 5: View the Cart and Proceed to Checkout

Click on view cart to take a look at the product(s) you are proceeding to buy, and then click on proceed to checkout to finalize your purchase.

Placing an Order Online at Conn’s HomePlus

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs.

Here are some important frequently asked questions about The Credit Pros.

Q1. Is Conn's Home Plus lease to own?
A1. Conn’s HomePlus also has a lease-to-own purchase program that is powered by American First. Using this lease-to-own purchase program, you can lease to own various products through Conn’s HomePlus.
Q2. Is it hard to get approved for Conn's Home Plus?
A2. Conn’s HomePlus offers a customized approach to financing by letting you purchase the most sought-after items for your home using different types of financing. All you need to do is fill out an online form to see if you have been pre-qualified for one of Conn’s HomePlus’s personalized finance options without impacting your credit score.
Q3. Does Conn's Home Plus run your credit?
A3. The most significant advantage of Conn’s HomePlus financing is that it’s a direct loan or retail installment agreement that enables you to borrow or purchase a specific amount and pay it back over a specified period.

It offers fixed monthly payments and no hidden charges while helping you build your credit. Conn’s HomePlus puts the customer first and works within their budget, whether they have no credit or good credit. Moreover, there’s no credit history needed to be eligible.
Q4. Is Conn's Home Plus legit?
A4. Yes. Conn’s HomePlus is a legitimate company. They operate 160 stores in approximately 15 states across the southern US. Conn's Home Plus is an established company since 130 years. They have definitely withstood the test of time.
Q5. What happens if you stop paying Conn's Home Plus?
A5. If you stop paying Conn’s HomePlus, it’ll make an attempt to contact you to arrange a payment of some sort. Late payments typically tend to incur a late fee of roughly $15. After almost 60 days of outstanding balances, your account will automatically be publicized by the company and set to collections.
Q6. What happens if you don't return Conn's Home Plus merchandise?
A6. If you do not return merchandise to Conn's Home Plus by the agreed-upon date, you may be charged additional fees or penalties. It is important to carefully read and understand the terms of any purchase or lease-to-own agreement to avoid any issues.
Q7. Does Conn's Home Plus have a spending limit?
A7. When you’re looking for affordable, flexible, and convenient payment terms, you can rely on Conn’s HomePlus’s partners at American First Finance to offer you ideal options with no credit required.

The application process is relatively simple, and you can easily be notified if you pre-qualify within minutes. With flexible payment terms, 90-day early buyout options, and approvals up to $5000, Conn’s HomePlus allows you to take home the products you need or want today.
Q8. How does Conn's Home Plus purchase program work?
A8. Conn's Home Plus purchase program allows customers to make payments towards the purchase of a product over time instead of paying the full price upfront. Here is how the purchase program typically works:
  1. Customers can apply for financing through Conn's Home Plus, either in-store or online. The application process typically involves providing personal and financial information, such as income and credit history.
  2. Once approved for financing, customers can choose the product they want to purchase from Conn's Home Plus. This can include furniture, appliances, electronics, and other products.
  3. Customers make monthly payments towards the product over a set period of time, typically ranging from 12 to 36 months, depending on the product and financing terms.
  4. Once all payments have been made, the customer owns the product outright.
It is important to note that financing terms, interest rates, and payment schedules can vary depending on the customer's creditworthiness and the product being purchased. It is recommended that customers carefully review the terms of any financing agreement before agreeing to it, to avoid any surprises or issues down the line.
Q9. Does Conn's Home Plus have clearance couches?
A9. Conn’s HomePlus offers a wide range of clearance items from time to time, including clearance furniture items like recliners, dining room furniture, lamps, sectional and couches, coffee tables, and outdoor furniture.

Wrapping Up

At Conn’s HomePlus, the quality of products can vary based on individual experiences. However, the store’s financing policies are a standout feature. Conn’s HomePlus offers a straightforward and easy application process, which allows customers with bad credit or no credit history to receive financing in a matter of minutes.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that Conn’s HomePlus has a strict payment policy, requiring customers to make on-time payments. If you’re uncertain about meeting these payment requirements, it may be best to consider alternative shopping options.

Despite the quality of products varying, Conn’s HomePlus offers excellent deals and attractive financing options. It’s essential to review financing agreements carefully to ensure you understand the terms and conditions fully. By doing so and making timely payments, you can take advantage of the purchase program and enjoy your purchase from Conn’s HomePlus.