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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Amazing Benefits You get with National Credit Direct:

We've worked hard to put together a great financing package for you. Then we went out and partnered with the best companies to offer you the hottest products. We offer better value through lower prices compared to the largest rent to own companies, while giving you FREE MERCHANDISE through our Reward Points program. Click here for more details.

You get:

  • Quality Products. Easy to use, brand new merchandise delivered right to your door, from brand name retailers.
  • Peace of Mind. With at least a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer on every electronic we sell you can relax - it's covered!
  • Guaranteed Approval. You are guaranteed to be approved for our financing program with no credit check.
  • Payment Plans You Can Afford. There are no big up-front costs and no hidden charges, just small manageable payments.

Is It True You Guarantee My Approval?

Yes. Instead of checking your credit, and measuring you based on your credit history, all we ask is that you build a little credit history with us by paying a small, one-time initial payment and 52 weeks of layaway payments. However, once you’ve paid as agreed for 6-13 consecutive weeks, we finance the balance of your purchase price, order your merchandise and have it shipped directly to your home.

Do You Offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yes. You have the first 30 days after activating your account to receive a refund and get all 100% of your money back, thereafter it is refunded in the form of store credit. If you received your order, all that we ask is that the merchandise is returned in new condition, with all of its original packaging and nothing has been done to void the warranty. We want you to have full peace of mind when buying from us.

Is National Credit Direct Trustworthy?

Yes. We were founded in 2006 to provide an effective alternative for people with limited financing options due to less than perfect credit or no credit at all. We understand that the financial needs of our customers may be different than that of the traditional credit consumer. But all consumers should have access to products they want and need. It's our goal to make that happen. We help by providing solutions to problems. We don't make the products we finance - we just make them available to everyone - regardless of their credit. No silly games and definitely no second-rate products - just brand name electronics on an easy to manage payment plan.

Will I Qualify if I Have Had Past Credit Problems?

Yes. We do not judge you based on your credit. In fact, you will never be turned down because of your credit. You build your credit with us by making layaway payments towards your purchase prior to its shipping.

Can Extra Payments Be Made to Receive My Order Quicker?

Yes, you can authorize additional payments at any time by simply calling Customer Care at 208-779-3200. We will then draft your account for the extra amount you authorize.

Who Should Consider Buying from National Credit Direct?

People with past credit problems and people who want to get a better deal than rent to own. We do not charge hidden fees or excessive interest rates. Not only will you be able to own name brand merchandise at affordable payments, but we also report your unsecured credit line every month to a major credit bureau. This can have a dramatic impact for when you want to purchase a car or apply for additional credit lines.

How Much Credit Will I Get?

Our credit lines start at $500, depending on what you purchase and information you provide about yourself and making a small down payment. If you want to purchase an item for more than your credit limit, tell us what you want and our Account review department will help you obtain a larger credit line, sometimes in just minutes.

What Makes National Credit Direct Different?

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • No Hidden Fees or interest charges
  • Unlimited Customer Support

FREE Merchandise through our Reward Points Program, which is similar to major credit cards or airline miles.

Is National Credit Direct a credit repair company?

We are not a credit repair company.

But some CUSTOMERS’ CREDIT SCORES have GONE UP while having an Account with National Credit Direct.

We cannot directly influence your credit score. We can only report your payment history with us. There are several factors that comprise your credit score. Managing your credit accounts properly and paying your bills on time, including your account with us among others, can have a positive impact on your credit. We are not a credit repair company. As a National Credit Direct customer you will receive a copy of Breakthrough Credit, where you can better understand how your credit works, how to manage it better, and helpful tips on stretching your dollars farther. It’s our commitment to you.

Why are our prices higher than other retailers?

Our program is not for everyone. National Credit Direct realizes that sometimes bad things can happen to good, hard-working people. That’s why we specialize in serving people who’ve had past credit problems. Sometimes credit problems happened because of unforeseen circumstances, like job loss, medical bills, and even divorce. Other times it can be because of prior abuse with credit that was granted or simply because the person applying for credit has no prior credit history.

Having credit is a privilege that no company is required to offer. As you know, having credit is a matter of trust and a promise, the promise that the person receiving the credit will pay back the company that is providing the credit. When a person’s payment history is not consistent with that promise to pay the loan back, it can become extremely difficult to obtain future financing.

Banks and other lenders are often not willing to take a risk on a person with a bad credit history, which can leave them with few — if any — options. National Credit Direct is willing to take that chance, but it is reflected in our higher prices. This is no different than how an insurance company sets its rates for policy premiums. If you’ve been in a lot of accidents, your insurance rate will reflect it. The truth is that we all pay higher prices because of waste, mismanagement, abuse and default. It’s built into the prices of everything we buy.

While we realize our prices are often higher than some other retailers, they tend to be lower than a rent-to-own option. For people who have sufficient cash or can obtain financing from other means in order to make a purchase outright, our program is most likely not for you. If you need your merchandise immediately, we suggest you investigate other alternatives. But for those people without the immediate means and who want to participate in our program, we offer a chance to get your product through our Accelerated Shipping program. We encourage consumers to examine all of their options before making a purchase decision so they can choose what’s best for them and their individual situation.

How is my merchandise delivered?

All purchased large item merchandise is delivered through a major carrier like FedEx or UPS. If you instruct us to deliver to your residence, we highly recommend that you, or another member of the household, be there to sign for the merchandise. Major carriers have changed their policies so that the driver can leave your merchandise at your front door. This opens the possibility of someone taking your merchandise. We always recommend you provide a shipping address where someone can sign for your shipment.

What type of payment plans do you offer?

We offer convenient weekly, bi-weekly (every two weeks), and twice monthly (two times a month) payment plans. It doesn’t matter, we work around your payment schedule, so it makes it easier for you to budget the payments.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. Your payment plan includes the price of the merchandise you’re purchasing plus shipping and handling fees. Sales tax (when applicable) is extra. The only fees we charge is a returned payment fee and an annual fee. No late fees. There is no interest with our program.

I can buy for less someplace else

Yes, typically you either have to pay for the merchandise outright or finance it at excessive interest rates of 20% to 40%. If you can purchase the merchandise outright, that may be a better option for you. If you finance at high interest rates you could end up paying significantly more than you would at National Credit Direct. We are not in the business of charging you hidden fees or interest, so you know exactly what you’re paying.

What if I want to return the merchandise, can I?

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer a 30 day no questions asked return policy on all electronic items, as long as the product is not blemished and the factory warranty is not voided. For all other products you can take up to 30 days to send back. If you’re not 100% satisfied, simply return the unused item in resalable condition for a full refund or credit back to your Account.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, of course. While we look for opportunities to retain our customers, you can cancel your account at any time.

What happens if I need to suspend my account for a short period, but want to stay with the program?

We want to work with all of our customers and we realize that sometimes unexpected things can happen. Our policy is that if you suspend your account and then re-activate it, we want you to start over on making the consecutive payments in order to get your merchandise shipped early.

What happens if I miss a payment before receiving my merchandise?

You still can be approved. We realize that sometimes unexpected bills or emergency expenses can put a pinch on your budget. We have a team of credit specialists that work with you to complete purchases and assist with budget and expenses issues.

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