Rent to Own Gaming PCs

Rent-to-own gaming PCs can be a great option for those who want to upgrade their gaming setup but don't have the cash on hand to purchase a high-end PC outright.

Rent to Own Gaming PCs

Upgrade your gaming setup with rent-to-own gaming PCs. Lease a high-end gaming computer, make monthly payments, and purchase it at the end of the lease. But be sure to consider the overall costs and terms before signing up.

As a serious gamer, I know how important it is to have the right equipment to fully immerse myself in the game. Unfortunately, gaming computers can be expensive, and not everyone has the cash to buy one outright. That's why rent to own laptop computers are a great option for those who want to upgrade their gaming experience without breaking the bank. In this article, I'll explain the benefits of rent to own gaming computers, how they work, and provide tips for finding the best rent to own gaming PC providers.

Benefits of rent to own gaming computers

Rent to own gaming computers have several benefits that make them a smart choice for gamers who want a high-quality gaming PC without having to pay for it all upfront.


  • Allows you to get a high-quality gaming PC without paying for it all upfront
  • Helpful for those with limited cash on hand
  • Lets you enjoy the latest games with the best graphics and performance
  • Often comes with warranties and tech support for added peace of mind
  • Provider assistance and potentially replacement if something goes wrong
  • Can help improve your credit score by making your monthly payments on time
  • Demonstrates financial responsibility and can help with future large purchases such as a car or a house.

How Rent to Own Gaming PCs Work

Rent to own gaming computers offer a cost-effective way for gamers to get the latest and greatest gaming technology without having to pay for it upfront. But how do these programs actually work? Essentially, you choose the gaming computer you want and make a down payment. Then, you make monthly payments until you have paid off the full price of the computer. Once all payments are made, the computer is yours to keep.

One of the major advantages of rent to own gaming computers is the option to upgrade to newer models without starting from scratch. Many providers offer trade-in programs, allowing you to exchange your current computer for a newer model and continue making monthly payments. This means you can enjoy the latest gaming technology without having to spend a fortune to buy it outright.

No Compromise Gaming - How Rent to Own PCs Make It Possible

With rent to own gaming computers, you don't have to compromise on the quality of your gaming experience. You can choose from the latest models with top-of-the-line graphics cards, processors, and RAM, ensuring that you have the power you need to run the latest games at their highest settings.

Additionally, you can customize your computer to suit your specific gaming needs. Want a larger hard drive or more RAM? You can often add these upgrades to your computer at an additional cost, ensuring that your computer can keep up with your gaming demands.

Lease-to-own gaming computers offer gamers the unique ability to have a top-notch gaming experience without having to compromise on the quality of their equipment. Lease-to-own computers offer the latest and greatest models with high-quality graphics cards, processors, and RAM, making sure that gamers have the power required to run the latest games with ease. Furthermore, lease-to-own gaming computers can be customized to fit specific your gaming needs, allowing for additional features like larger hard drives or increased RAM.

With lease-to-own gaming computers, gamers can enjoy an unbeatable gaming experience without sacrificing performance or breaking the bank.

Rent to Own Gaming PC Payment Plans - Affordable and Accessible Options

When searching for a rent to own gaming PC provider, it's crucial to find one that offers payment plans that are affordable and accessible. Here are some tips to help you find the right provider:

  • Look for providers that offer flexible payment options, such as bi-weekly or monthly payments, to fit your budget.
  • Search for providers that offer low or no interest rates to reduce the overall cost of your computer.
  • Find providers that offer trade-in programs, allowing you to exchange your old computer for a newer model while continuing to make monthly payments.
  • Look for providers that offer warranties and tech support to ensure your computer stays in top working condition.
  • Consider providers that offer a wide range of gaming PCs to choose from, including customizations to fit your specific needs.

Some example providers are:

  1. National Credit Direct: Provides affordable weekly, bi-weekly, twice-a-month and monthly payment plans for gaming PCs with a guaranteed approval application process with no credit check.
  2. Rent-A-Center: Offers similar payment plans with bi-weekly or monthly payment options, however they do check creditworthiness.
  3. Aaron's: Provides various payment amortization schedules but they do check creditworthiness.
  4. Leaseville: Offers similar flexible payment plans with bi-weekly or monthly options, but like Rent-A-Center and Aaron’s, they do look at creditworthiness.

Rent to Own Gaming Laptops - Your Portable Gaming Solution

For game enthusiasts seeking a mobile gaming solution, opting for a rent-to-own gaming notebook is an excellent choice. These notebooks deliver top-notch performance, rivaling gaming desktops, while also offering the advantage of easy transport. Carry your gaming notebook with you and relish your beloved games from any location.

When selecting a gaming notebook, it's crucial to find one equipped with a robust graphics unit and a display with a high refresh rate. A potent graphics unit guarantees seamless gameplay, while a display with a high refresh rate ensures a more interactive gaming experience. Furthermore, consider a notebook with impressive battery longevity, so you can engage in gaming marathons without fretting about a drained battery.

Rent-A-Center Gaming PC - What You Need to Know Before Leasing

Rent-A-Center is a well-known supplier of rent to own gaming computers, though it's crucial to comprehend the terms and conditions before committing to a lease contract. Rent-A-Center generally imposes steeper fees compared to other suppliers, and their payment schemes might be less accommodating.

Moreover, Rent-A-Center might necessitate a credit assessment before greenlighting your lease request. In case you have a low credit score, obtaining a lease contract with Rent-A-Center could be challenging.

It's worth considering other rent-to-own providers and comparing their offerings to ensure you get the best deal. Keep in mind that factors such as the computer's specifications, warranty, and customer support should also be considered when deciding where to lease a gaming PC. Additionally, be prepared to return the computer in good condition at the end of the lease term or be responsible for any damage costs.

No Credit Check Rent to Own Gaming PCs – Who Offers It?

For individuals with low credit scores or no credit background, obtaining a rent-to-own gaming computer is difficult. Fortunately, there is one company who can back up this claim, no matter where you live: National Credit Direct.

Here’s all they require:

  • Valid identification
  • Small initial payment
  • Establish a short consecutive layaway payment history to get approved (just 6-12 weeks depending on amount to finance)
  • At least age 18 or older.

For some people it is considered a drawback to have to make payments prior to getting approved and enjoying your gaming PC. However, it is only for first time customers and once you’re approved you have “credit” with them for life!

Gaming PC Monthly Payments - How to Budget

When planning your finances for a rent-to-own gaming computer, it's crucial to consider the monthly payments, along with any extra costs or interest fees. Verify that the monthly payments are within your means before committing to a lease contract.

To assist with financial planning, think about establishing a dedicated gaming computer account. Allocate a part of your earnings every month exclusively for your rent-to-own payments. This approach can guarantee that you have the necessary funds when payments are due, helping you steer clear of late charges or payment defaults.

Additionally, it's wise to compare different rent-to-own providers to find the most affordable and suitable plan for your needs. Don't hesitate to negotiate with the provider or explore alternative options if the initial terms are not ideal for your financial situation.

Gaming PC lease vs. rent to own - which option is right for you?

When contemplating whether to lease a gaming computer or choose a rent-to-own agreement, assess your long-term objectives and financial circumstances. Key factors to consider include:

  • Lease agreement: More suitable for short-term needs, such as specific projects or events
  • Rent-to-own agreement: More cost-efficient if planning to keep the computer for several years
  • Credit history: Rent-to-own might be the only option for those with poor or no credit history
  • Terms and fees: Understand the terms and fees associated with each option before deciding

Renting a Gaming Computer – Other Factors to Consider

When picking a supplier for your rent-to-own gaming computer, important aspects to examine are:

  • Reputation: Look for providers with positive reviews from other gamers
  • Computer quality: High-quality computers with the latest components are preferable
  • Payment plans: Flexible payment plans with low or no interest rates are desirable
  • Avoid: Providers that charge excessive fees or require a credit check

Top rent-to-own gaming computer services and suppliers

There are numerous rent-to-own gaming computer providers, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. Some of the top choices include:

  1. National Credit Direct
    • Credit-building opportunity: Reports on-time payments to credit bureaus, helping to build your credit score
    • Variety of products: Offers a range of gaming computers and related accessories
    • Affordable pricing: Competitive pricing and flexible payment plans available.
  2. Progressive Leasing
    • Wide selection: Offers a variety of gaming computer options
    • Flexible payment plans: Customizable payment options to fit different budgets
    • No credit needed: Leasing options available without credit checks.
  3. FlexShopper
    • Online convenience: Easy-to-use online platform for browsing and ordering
    • Weekly payment plans: Allows for smaller, more manageable weekly payments
    • No money down: Options available with no down payment required.
  4. Rent-A-Center
    • Reputable brand: Well-established and widely recognized in the rent-to-own market
    • In-store support: Physical locations for customer support and assistance
    • Early purchase options: Opportunity to buy the gaming computer early at a discounted price.


If you want to guarantee your approval and get more value for your dollar, National Credit Direct offers benefits and flexibility traditional rent to own companies do not. For more information about how National Credit Direct stacks up against the competition, CLICK HERE.