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How Our Program Works

Unlike other financial companies, we don't check your credit and measure you based on some score. Instead, all we ask is that you build a little credit history with us by paying a small, one-time initial payment and fifty-two weeks of layaway payments. However, once you’ve paid as agreed for just 6-13 consecutive weeks, we’ll finance the balance of your purchase price, order your merchandise and have it shipped directly to your home. It's that simple.

Benefits to National Credit Direct

  •    No Credit Check
  •    National Credit Direct will find a way to approve you for financing
  •    Your established account can be used over and over on future purchases
  •    0% interest
  •    Customers can set up payment plans around their payday schedule
  •    Smartphone app to manage your account
  •    Reward Points program to accumulate Points and redeem them for free merchandise
  •    90-Day cash discount where you pay closer to traditional retail prices
  •    50% payoff discount on balance after 180 days that allows you to pay off your balance for 50% off (e.g., after 180 days a $500 balance has a $250 payoff amount)
  •    Over 15,000 products to shop


National Credit Direct has an excellent reputation of following through on its promises for customers, and its reviews are solid. Listening to the customer testimonials gives you good insight into what their customers think of them. National Credit Direct has a 3.8 stars out of five with Google Reviews and an A+ Rating with the BBB.

Customer LUV Notes

Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

Sandy C.
They work with your credit history when you don't have credit.
Cynthia N
I just want to call to say how happy I am with the computer.
Claudia K
I like it!
Chanel J
It's the greatest thing ever!
Patsy L
I'm just thrilled to death with it!
Etta B
I appreciate everything you've done for me!
Julie T
I'm very pleased with everything.
Eugenia B
I want to thank the company...I was impressed.
Carol D
I love it!
Judith T
I wanted to establish credit.
Richard C
I'm very happy and pleased when nobody else would give me a chance.
Barbara W
They help you out if you don't have good credit.
Melissa M
Their financing is great and I love it.
Jan K
Their financing is very good and I have not had any problems since I've been with them.
Arnell W
I really really enjoy what I got.
Willard E
I've had a little trouble with credit and they work with you.
Henry W
They help you establish credit.
Teresa S
It is really wonderful.
Warrem R
I just want to tell everybody that I'm very happy with my system and they treat you right and fair.
Sarah D
After filing bankruptcy and not being able to buy a computer outright, and they were very sincere and honest about the regulations.
Tracy Ann C
I will let everybody know this is a good program if you have bad credit.
Sylvia B
The financing program is just awesome!
Mike V
I was a little leery because they are taking 3 or 4 or 5 payments out of your account without you get nothing but I got everything I was supposed to get.
Bobbie C
I think it's a very good program and I would recommend it to my friends.
Sylvia J
At first I was kind of leary about them taking money out of my account...and I'm very happy...
Ricky B
I just want to tell you that I am so happy and pleased.
Cecil R
I'm very satisfied with the [financing] program. The program works!
Randall D
I just want people to know that I'm very happy with the product I got from you.
Carla S
Never ran into a program that was this wonderful!
Yvonne S
I'm pleased...very very pleased.
Sam M
I'm very pleased with the product I got.
Anna F
I love it and I'm telling my friends about it.
Delois C
I want them to know you do what you say you're going to do for your customers.
Walter W
Definitely worth getting.
Maria A
I'm so happy with them.
Sandra B
This is an awesome company and I am so impressed.
John C
This thing has upped my life by about 90%. The customer service has been great. It's been 100% all the way around.
Gustavia R
For somebody who doesn't have the credit that you need this has been very helpful to me.
Ken J
The service and product quality is excellent.
Dolores V
When I discovered the program I was a little leery at first but then I needed help rebuilding my credit and it's been wonderful and it was easier than I thought. I'm very happy with the product.
Byron G
If I needed to miss a payment they told me they'd work with me. I'm happy with it.
Ernest M
The financing was very easy. Would I do it again. I've told 30-40 folks. This is the best way to get a computer. And we will do it again.
I'm recommending everyone about your program.
Marcia J
Everything that they tell you are absolutely on the money.

You Get 100 Points for Every Dollar You Spend

Rent to own and other finance companies cannot match the value you get from us. Similar to credit card points, you earn 100 Reward Points for every dollar you spend with us. Redeem them for FREE Merchandise or Cash Back as described here. There are no hidden fees and no shipping charges. Free means FREE. It’s our way of giving you more for being a loyal and good paying customer. If what you want isn’t on here, simply tell us and we can create special redemption products for you, including Apple, Samsung and other name brand products.