1. National Credit Direct Shop Now Overall Value and Cost Savings, Guaranteed Approval with No Credit Check
2. Rent A Center Most Locations, Wide Selection of Rental Products
3 Aarons Rental Best Flexible 12-, 18- and 24-Month Terms, Budget-Friendly Options
4 Flexshopper Most Product Options, Wide Range of Merchandise for Lease
5 Grover Best One Month Lease Term, Short-term Rental Options for Tech Products
6 Leaseville Best Musical Instrument Selection, Comprehensive Range of Instruments for Rent
National Credit Direct firmly holds the title of the editor's top pick in the rent-to-own sector for 2024, thanks to their revolutionary no-credit-check financing and dedication to customer empowerment. This trailblazer transcends traditional rent-to-own barriers, granting a broad spectrum of customers access to an extensive selection of products without the usual credit scrutiny. Its innovative approach not only simplifies the shopping experience but also offers significant opportunities for financial improvement and consumer satisfaction.

Why National Credit Direct Leads the Pack:

  • Guaranteed Approval & Credit Building: National Credit Direct's no-credit-check policy ensures open access financing, coupled with the unique benefit of reporting payment histories to credit bureaus, aiding in credit score enhancement.
  • Extensive & Diverse Inventory: Boasting over 15,000 products, the company caters to a wide array of consumer needs, from the latest electronics to home essentials, ensuring customers find exactly what they're looking for.
  • Cost Savings, Rewards, & 0% Interest Financing: Beyond competitive pricing, a loyalty program rewards purchases with points redeemable for merchandise or cash back. Additionally, 0% interest on purchases and flexible payment plans aligned with customers' payday schedules further underscore the company's commitment to value and affordability.
  • Unmatched Reputation & Ease of Repeat Purchases: With an A+ BBB rating, National Credit Direct is recognized for its exceptional service and customer satisfaction. After the initial purchase, customers enjoy simplified processes for subsequent buys, enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Flexible Payment Plans & Special Discounts: Tailored payment options and special discounts, such as a 90-Day cash discount and a significant payoff discount after 180 days, make acquiring new products manageable and rewarding.

National Credit Direct's comprehensive approach not only facilitates easy access to a vast range of products but also champions financial growth and consumer empowerment. Its blend of no-credit-check financing, credit-building opportunities, and commitment to customer satisfaction solidifies its status as the premier choice for those aiming to enrich their lives through strategic purchases.


Unlike other financial companies, we don't check your credit and measure you based on some score. Instead, all we ask is that you build a little credit history with us by paying a small, one-time initial payment and fifty-two weeks of layaway payments. However, once you’ve paid as agreed for just 6-13 consecutive weeks, we’ll finance the balance of your purchase price, order your merchandise and have it shipped directly to your home. It's that simple.

New accounts require a small initial payment of $99 and 6 - 13 weeks of consecutive pre-shipment payments under layaway terms. To prevent fraud additional purchases with new accounts are confirmed through Customer Care and in writing. Your Approval and merchandise delivery are subject to your Account Terms & Conditions.

Why National Credit Direct is the #1 Alternative to Rent to Own Programs

A+ Rating with BBB

Trusted by 1000s of customers

Business Since 2006

100% refund guaranteed

No Credit Check

No Credit Check

Get Free* Gifts with Purchases

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No Credit Check*



Rent A Center stands as a notable competitor in the rent-to-own industry, particularly praised for its widespread accessibility with over 3,000 locations nationwide. This extensive network significantly enhances product availability, especially for high-demand items, and provides unparalleled convenience for customers seeking immediate access to a variety of products.

Here’s an overview:

  • Extensive Network: With thousands of locations, accessibility is a major advantage, ensuring you’re never far from a Rent A Center store.
  • Diverse Product Range: Offers a broad selection including furniture, appliances, computers, and fitness equipment, catering to varied customer needs.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: The ability to check stock online and the ease of delivery and setup services highlight their customer-centric approach.
  • Flexible Payment and Savings Options: Features like reduced rates for the first week, the 90-Day Same as Cash option, and significant savings on previously rented items provide financial flexibility.
  • Transferable Contracts: Offers the convenience of transferring your contract to another location if you move, along with the option to cancel anytime by returning the merchandise.

While Rent A Center excels in accessibility and product variety, it's worth noting it may perform credit checks, lacks a loyalty program, and does not report payments to credit bureaus, contrasting with National Credit Direct's credit-building benefits. Despite these differences, Rent A Center's convenience and product diversity make it a strong option in the rent-to-own market.



Aaron's Rental distinguishes itself in the rent-to-own sector with its unparalleled flexibility in rental contract terms, offering 12-, 18-, and 24-month options. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for customers who need to manage their budgets carefully, allowing for lower monthly payments over extended periods.

Here’s an overview:

  • Flexible Payment Terms: Customers can select from 12-, 18-, and 24-month rental contracts, making it easier to accommodate different budgetary needs.
  • Wide Selection of High-Quality Brands: Features top furniture brands such as Ashley, Lane, Woodhaven, Steve Silver Co., Elements, and Beautyrest, offering more choices for home furnishing.
  • Diverse Product Categories: In addition to furniture, Aaron's provides a range of electronics, appliances, tools, and recreational items, catering to a broad spectrum of customer interests.
  • Accessible Financing Options: Options: Initiates contracts with as little as $5 for those with approved creditworthiness, alongside a 'Cash Price' option for savings on total ownership cost.
  • Convenience: With numerous locations in larger metropolitan areas, Aaron's ensures easy access to their services and products.

While Aaron's offers significant advantages with its flexible terms and diverse inventory, potential customers should note the requirement for a credit check, the absence of a loyalty program, the lack of credit reporting, and no 50% payoff discount post the same as cash period. Despite these considerations, Aaron's Rental remains a strong contender for those prioritizing payment flexibility and a wide selection of products.



FlexShopper emerges as a formidable player in the lease-to-own market, particularly noted for offering the broadest selection of products among competitors. As a relatively new entity, it has quickly distinguished itself by providing customers access to over 100,000 products, including unique items like automobile tires and goods from major retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Overstock.

Here’s an overview:

  • Unmatched Product Variety: Offers an extensive array of over 100,000 products across diverse categories, ensuring a wide selection for every need.
  • Innovative Shopping Solutions: Features the FlexShopper Personal Shopper service and FlexWallet app, allowing customers to lease items found on other websites or in retail stores.
  • Flexible Delivery Options: Provides the choice of delivery or in-store pickup, adding convenience to the leasing process.
  • Financial Protection: Offers payment waiver protection against involuntary unemployment, enhancing customer security.
  • Competitive Pricing: The Cash Price option presents savings if the total cost is paid within 90 days, making it financially attractive.

While FlexShopper’s expansive inventory and flexible shopping tools are significant advantages, potential lessees should be aware of the credit check requirement, the absence of a loyalty program, the lack of credit reporting, and the absence of a 50% payoff discount after the same as cash period. Despite these considerations, FlexShopper’s vast product options and innovative leasing solutions position it as a top choice for consumers seeking variety and flexibility in their lease-to-own experiences.



Grover stands out in the rent-to-own market for those seeking extremely short-term leasing options, offering one-month lease terms since its inception in 2015. This German-based company specializes in tech products, promoting a model that encourages customers to rent with the option to own after 12 months, typically for an additional $1. However, the approach comes with its own nuances.

Here’s an overview:

  • Short-Term Flexibility: Ideal for customers needing tech products for a brief period, with a unique one-month lease term.
  • Tech-Forward Inventory: Focuses on a range of technology products, from computers and smartphones to gaming and smart home devices.
  • Simplified Ownership Transition: After a year of continuous renting, the transition to ownership can be made with a nominal fee.
  • Consumer Protections: Offers a protection plan for rented items, alongside free returns to enhance customer security and satisfaction.
  • Mobile Account Management: Provides a smartphone app for convenient account oversight and management.

Despite Grover's appeal for short-term leases and tech-centric inventory, potential customers should consider the limitations, including credit checks, the potential for receiving previously rented items, a more limited selection compared to competitors (around 3,000 products), absence of flexible payment schedules, lack of a loyalty program, and no reporting to credit bureaus. Grover's niche offering of one-month leases and focus on tech products makes it a unique option, albeit with certain trade-offs.



LeaseVille sets itself apart in the crowded online rent-to-own market with its unparalleled selection of musical instruments, making it the go-to destination for musicians and bands seeking to lease high-quality equipment. Since its establishment in 2009, LeaseVille has carved out a niche for itself, especially among those looking to equip a professional band without the commitment of outright purchases.

Here’s an overview:

  • Specialized in Musical Instruments: Stands out for its extensive range of instruments and equipment, catering specifically to the needs of professional musicians and bands.
  • Diverse Music Products: Offers everything from guitars and drums to professional mixers, DJ equipment, and live sound speakers, albeit with a notable absence of reed and brass instruments.
  • Competitive Leasing Options: Features attractive terms such as a 100-day same as cash option and a one-time 50% payout option on balances after 100 days.
  • Comprehensive Product Categories: Encompasses a broad array of musical categories including guitars, keyboards, mixers, microphones, and more, designed to fully equip live performances.

While LeaseVille’s focus on musical instruments positions it as a leader in this segment, potential lessees should be aware of the credit check requirement, the absence of a loyalty program, the lack of a smartphone app for account management, and the fact that leasing activities are not reported to credit bureaus. Despite these factors, LeaseVille’s dedication to serving the musical community with a wide variety of leasing options underscores its unique value proposition in the rent-to-own industry.

Can I Finance a Laptop with No Credit Check?

Yes, through programs similar to rent-to-own agreements, National Credit Direct makes it possible to purchase a wide range of brand-name products with no credit check. This is especially beneficial for individuals facing credit challenges or with poor credit histories. As a leading alternative to traditional rent-to-own programs, National Credit Direct offers a practical solution for acquiring products like smart UHD TVs, washers and dryers, and gaming PCs for those impeded by traditional financing options due to poor credit scores or financial hurdles. The program allows customers to select products that align with their lifestyle needs and financial limits, providing an economically viable option with access to over 17,000 brand name products. This approach not only circumvents the limitations of conventional purchasing methods but also shifts consumers away from pawn shops and traditional retail to an online catalog of quality products. National Credit Direct establishes itself as a prudent choice for savvy shoppers, offering an online finance program that serves as a gateway for those wary of significant financial commitments and seeking rent-to-own alternatives. National Credit Direct stands out as the definitive hub for navigating credit complexities and accessing the best in technology.


*We will issue you 20,000 Bonus Points after you finance your purchase, and that you may use these Points for this or any other item we offer at our Reward Points Redemption Center