Apartments Near Me in Bearden, AR.

Cedar Square II Apartments
701 Bowman Rd, Bearden, AR 71720

Apartments Near Me in Bearden

Looking for an apartment near Bearden, AR? You're in luck! Bearden offers a wide range of housing options for individuals and families alike. Whether you prefer modern amenities or a cozy atmosphere, there's something for everyone. With its proximity to major cities and beautiful outdoor spaces, Bearden is an ideal location to call home. Enjoy the convenience of nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment, all while residing in a tranquil community. Don't miss the chance to discover your perfect apartment near Bearden, Arkansas and experience the best of both worlds ā€“ urban convenience and suburban charm.

Bearden is a beautiful city in Arkansas with a population of 858 (0% urban, 100% rural). Bearden is located within Ouachita County and it's known for its stunning surroundings. Apartment buildings and apartment complexes in Bearden cater to the living places needs. The nearest apartments in Bearden are in the CST time zone and are conveniently close to Camden, East Camden, Fordyce, Hampton, Harrell, Pine Bluff, Sparkman and Thornton.

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